Each year, an increasing number of students participate in international internships. Unlike other study abroad programs, internships are directed on an individual basis with guidance from each student’s academic mentor or department.

Greece Internship

AFS offers undergraduate research internships and work internships designed to immerse participants into the practical work environment, demonstrate skills and knowledge needed in specific field, and provide each intern and researcher with a stimulating, rewarding experience.


Intern in Greece
Scotland Internship

Interns have the opportunity to participate in applied research and professional activities in their academic disciplines while living and working in the unique culture of Scotland.

Internship Session

Intern in Scotland
eSwatini Service-Learning

Creativity, adaptability and leadership are a must as students travel to eSwatini to experience firsthand the relationship between the world's food, population and poverty problems and assess solutions to foster development in Eastern Africa.

Internship Session

Intern in eSwatini
SAI Internship

SAI’s internship experiences allow students to understand their field of study within the context of another culture, develop relationships beyond the classroom and enhance their professional experience. Internships are available part-time as a supplement to academic study, or on a full-time basis in select locations. SAI internships are available both in the semester and summer.

Semester or Summer Session

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Global Experiences

All Razorbacks have the opportunity to intern abroad with Global Experiences, and the Study Abroad Office has also developed customized programs depending on students’ majors and interests.


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