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An educational experience outside the U.S. has become an integral component for today’s student in higher education. The ability to compete and perform in the global arena requires an understanding of world cultures, economic systems, religions, trends, governments and politics. Students in the Bumpers College are encouraged to engage in study abroad that will lead to life-long partnerships, cultural awareness and understanding of the global dimensions of their majors. The college years provide the best opportunity for students to gain this understanding and experience through faculty-led study tours; summer, semester or year-long study abroad; and international internships or research experiences which closely relate to their career goals.

The mission of the International Programs Office is to provide structured international experiences that enhance the marketability of students for career and academic opportunities through faculty driven, sustainable initiatives. The IPO serves to support faculty, students, international partners, and university leadership to increase opportunities for students to engage in faculty-led programs, internships, exchange programs, and study abroad activities that include research. The IPO articulates closely with the UA Study Abroad Office and seeks opportunities for students to engage in international career preparation and workforce ready development. The IPO provides $65,000 annually to support students and faculty. In 2016, 80 Bumpers College students studied abroad. 

Graduate opportunities are available for study in agricultural economics, agribusiness and related subjects via the UA’s TransAtlantic Master of Science program at Ghent University, Belgium. Second language capability is helpful, but not required.

Bumpers students interested in a study abroad program or internships with full-time status usually can maintain their scholarships while abroad. Limited funding is available for travel grants through Bumpers and Honors colleges.

Why Go?

Why study abroad? Research shows that a study abroad experience leaves students feeling more confident and ready for the workforce after graduation.

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Student Mentors

Each year a team of student mentors is selected to represent the International Programs Office. Mentors are encouraged to share their experiences studying abroad through visiting classrooms, participating in college or campus study abroad events, and answering questions from interested students about the process.

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Faculty Committee

The direction of the Bumpers College International Programs Office is guided by a committee of faculty representatives from the academic units across the college. The faculty committee reviews requests for new or repeat study abroad programs and reviews and awards scholarships, among other items. Meet the faculty committee here.

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Global Food Opportunities Seminar

The annual Global Food Opportunities Seminar (GFPS) invites experts to campus to discuss important current topics or issues with Bumpers students, staff, and faculty. Students with prior study abroad experiences relevant to the topic of discussion are typically invited to join in the presentation. Keep an eye on the @bumpers.ipo or @bumperscollege Instagram pages for information about upcoming seminar dates.

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