There are many funding opportunities through the International Programs Office and the Office of Study Abroad for students interested in support to participate in our programs

Office of Study Abroad Scholarships

Gilman International Scholarship Program

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Bumpers College International Programs Office (IPO) Scholarship:


Scholarship Post-Trip Requirements:

After your international experience which you received a scholarship for, we have a few requirements:

  • Provide 15-20 photos that highlight your educational and cultural experience abroad. Include various types of photos, like places you went, food you ate, activities in-country, photos with you in them, other U of A students, and locals from your trip. (These categories are not specific requirements, only suggestions)
  • Complete a follow up questionnaire for program feedback and promotional purposes.
  • Complete an IPO Student Blog highlighting your study abroad experience.
  • Participate in an International Programs Office event, such as the Study Abroad Fair, information sessions, or a Global Food Opportunities Seminar. Or assist in a recruiting event such as class presentations or Carnival of Clubs.

Fulfilling your scholarship return requirements can be done by completing this form. You will need about 10-20 minutes to complete the return questionnaire. Please also have your Bumpers IPO blog post complete and in a Word document, as well as 15-20 photos ready to submit. 

If you need inspiration or guidance for your blog post, you may browse other students' posts as they share about their entire trip, a specific event, or the things they learned on their international experiences.