Student Spotlight

 Wren in India

Holly Wren

Program: Experiential Learning in Indian Agriculture

“Having the opportunity to visit multiple universities and villages around India, I was able to see the importance of research in fields such as genetics, plant breeding, and agriculture to farmers and members of the population, as they rely on the subsequent techniques and technologies to aid in affordably feeding the population.”

 Solberg in Mozambique

Eleni Solberg

Program: Community Development in Mozambique

“I was able to complete 6 credit hours in a month that directly fit into my degree plan. This helped me graduate a semester early and get a big head start on my Master's program. These credits are all about the experience of learning without the stress of getting a good grade. The projects I worked with were real-life problems and enabled me to see the actual impact on the community where I was located.”

 Mersady Redding conducting research in Belize.

Mersady Redding

Program: Community Development in Belize

“Conducting honors thesis research without faculty in a developing country was quite intimidating. I changed my methodology from traps to game cameras in country and had to hunt for new baits at the grocery stores, but I learned to adapt to any situation! I was able to use the resources available to me to exceed my estimated number of species by 50%!”

Lesleigh Beer

Lesleigh Beer

Program: New Zealand and Australia - Human and Animal Interactions

“This was my first trip abroad. Dr. Jogan and Dr. Edgar both assisted greatly in alleviating my concerns and worries both abroad and in preparation of the trip. Personally, I feel more confident in traveling. Academically, I have experienced a small portion of what my professors indicate when referring to the “global agriculture industry.” I was already considering graduate school, and this experience did help somewhat in the solidification of that goal. I look forward to continuing my studies at the University of Arkansas.”

Kenia Mitre

Kenia Mitre

Program: Global Community Development - Mozambique

“I think it is awesome that the University of Arkansas has this study abroad program where students travel to a continent that is very different than America. This experience allowed us to get out of our comfort zone and learn about another culture. Working with poultry in Mozambique allowed me to come up with solutions using the only resources available in the area. This experience has made me more prepared to face real life problems that I will see in the poultry industry. This experience has inspired me to apply to graduate school and start my Master’s Degree in Poultry Science next year.”

Justin Hamm

Justin Hamm

Program: New Zealand and Australia - Human and Animal Interactions

“My international experience opened my eyes to the possibilities that there are internationally. Moreover, the experience helped me to realize what I would like to do professionally and what I am really passionate about. The experience helped me decide what is important to me for my future.”

Laura Wasson

Laura Wasson

Program: ISA - Service-Learning Chile

“Academically, I have learned that nothing beats real life learning. Applying all that I have learned about Spanish in the class room became so much more valuable when I needed it to communicate to live. Personally, I have learned how to live independently and how ot relate to and respect worldviews unlike my own. Observing cases similar to ones that I will work with in the future increased my love for nutrition and desire to use it to serve others. I want to work with moms in the future, advising them on what to feed themselves and their child from conception and throughout early years.”

 Kathryn Lauer in Italy

 Kathryn Lauer

Program: SAI Italy

“I took two fashion styling classes in Milan, Italy. In both classes I was able to style my own photoshoot. I got to work with a professional hair/makeup artist as well as a professional photographer. I was able to break out of my shell while abroad. I had to speak to people who spoke a different language which was challenging. I also became more confident in myself and my abilities. The hands on experience I got will definitely help me in the future. It will look very good on my resume. It also taught me how to work in a real life experience.”

 Lisa Gaddy in China

 Lisa Gaddy

Program: AMPD China

 “My international experience improved my learning and helped me put the ideas from the classroom into real experiences. By being able to study abroad, I learned about another culture and its diversity. The experience was invaluable to me to understand the world of mass manufacturing in China. While on the study abroad tour, I was able to make several contacts with professionals in the Apparel industry that were willing to take the opportunity to speak with me about my career path and goals. I made valuable contacts if I decide to further my career and live abroad and work in the apparel industry. I would encourage [any] student to commit to a study abroad program because it is essential to take what you have learned in the classroom and experience it first-hand.”

 Bailey Carpenter in Mozambique

 Bailey Carpenter

Program: Mozambique Learning Service

“The overall goal in Mozambique was to improve the lives of the people in Nampula by focusing our energy on a poultry farm called New Horizons. My project specifically aimed to find ways in which the farm could keep their eggs cooler as soon as they were laid by the hen. Before coming on this trip, I was not one to steer far from the directions of a book. For example, if I did ‘A’ and ‘B’ correctly then I should get ‘C’ as a result. However, this was not the case in Mozambique. With only three weeks to make a noticeable difference and extremely limited resources to do so, it became easier and easier for me to stretch out of my comfort zone and try things even if they may not work. The satisfaction I felt after helping to better the lives of the chickens meant more to me than I could have imagined. Because of my trip to Mozambique I fell even more in love with what my future will hold. For any student who wants their life to change forever, they should go to Mozambique.”

Emily King in Greece.

Emily King

Program: U of A Faculty- Led Agriculture, Food, and Sustainability in Greece

“Our trip to Greece was centered around studying the Agriculture, Food, and Sustainability in Greece. We learned about Greek culture and their Mediterranean Diet and the many benefits in provides. We also discussed food production; cheese, milk, yogurt, produce, and meat were all topics of our lectures. We reflected on the difference between Greek agriculture and the agricultural practices of the United States and found a plethora of them. This trip to Greece was my first time abroad and it was everything I expected and more. I feel that this experience allowed me to become more independent and self-reliant. From the trip I gained more knowledge about what it means to be a food scientist and what kind of work they do. It really set in concrete that I would like to pursue a degree and career in Food Science. In order to gain perspective about the United States and its history it is necessary to travel. Also, travel shows you diversity and expands your mind to different ideas, foods, and traditions. Studying abroad has changed the way I think about the people and culture around me.”

Elizabeth Blum

Elizabeth Blum

Program: Artistry, Design, and Layout of Hospitality Facilities- Italy

“[This trip] allowed me to see the world in a different view. Even though Italy is economically and socially close to the United States, the way of doing things is still different. It was interesting to see how a different group of people went about their daily lives. My experience abroad definitely verified that I was in the right industry. Seeing that the gift of hospitality was true across the globe, it just made me more certain that I am in the right profession. I cannot wait to keep traveling abroad and to keep meeting new people across the world.”

Allyn Simpson

Allyn Simpson

Program: Italy: Considerations in Design and Layout of Hospitality Facilities

“This study abroad experience let all of the things I have learned in my hospitality classes to come to life. I got to see real examples of how hotels and restaurants operate in another part of the world. I now have an experience to draw from during my studying and can contribute more in my class discussions. I am about to begin a career in the hospitality field as a manager. I feel that my experience abroad has given me a different way of seeing a work environment in the hospitality field. I now aspire to someday get to work in Italy!”

 Emily Keeling  

Emily Keeling

Program: Cooking and Health at La Salle University in Beauvais, France

“I learned new things about myself. My strengths and weaknesses were put under a microscope and I had to learn to ask for help from my peers in areas where they were more knowledgeable than I. I also came to the simple realization that no matter where a person lives, what they eat, or what language they speak, we are all the same people. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity that will change your worldview. Traveling becomes less and less easy as you get older, so take this opportunity now when you have the chance! In a time where all we do is so global, it is imperative to have a broad worldview and know more than just your own culture and country."


Callen Lichtenwalter

Program: Adelante Summer Equine Program

“Neither of the classes I took are offered at the U of A, so they provided a unique opportunity to learn about horses and the equine industry. There were a lot of things I had to do for myself. This improved my independence and my self confidence that I was actually able to do well on my own. To truly understand your field, you need to see it from another perspective. America is large and powerful, but there are so many intelligent people in the world that can offer a unique view of whatever interests you. Studying abroad is also a great way to see the world while also being productive and earning school credits.”

Tess Constant

Tess Constant

Program: Scotland Internship

“While it was a trying first month getting settled in and learning the ropes, overall I feel stronger, more confident and ready to tackle more challenging projects. I also learned you really don’t need as many material things to live life as I once thought. It was quite freeing only living on what I packed in my suitcase. Live simply, I would like to carry that forward. For future students: It will be challenging. It will push you out of your comfort zone. It will make you question your abilities. But, in the end you will find you can do hard things, you can survive – make that thrive – outside your comfort zone and you are far more capable than you first allowed. Just do it. A few months is not a lifetime, yet the skills and confidence gained will endure.”

Laura Ortega

Laura Ortega

Program: Sustainability in the Euro Food System

“I have more knowledge regarding my field of study. As a future scientist of the agriculture industry, I believe the topic of sustainability is a key concept to research in order to move our society in a positive direction and help protect our precious planet. The European insights gained from the lectures of the scientists have enabled me to think more outside the box when dealing with global issues. I am excited to incorporate this new knowledge in my future classes. I have become more independent and open minded. I was a very shy person and this experience has made me become a more outgoing. I have discovered that I love traveling to unknown places and meeting new people who can share with me their different perspectives of life. I feel like a butterfly who just gained her wings and is ready to take on the world.”