UA Rome Center

The University of Arkansas Rome Center is housed in the historic Palazzo Taverna, just minutes from the Vatican, Piazza Navona and the Pantheon--some of the most important architectural and cultural sites in the Western world. Students live close to the school in a secure and safe neighborhood with 24/7 on-site support, tracing the paths of ancient Romans and centuries of Christian pilgrims as they make their way to classes each day. These top 10-ranked study abroad programs provide broad curriculum focused on the history and life of the city itself, extending learning beyond the classroom. Site visits and excursions enrich the cultural experience with site-specific coursework in small group settings. All University of Arkansas credit counts toward student GPAs. 

Need Funding?

There are a multitude of ways to fund your trip to Rome. See the Study Abroad Office for Scholarship and Aid information.

Why Rome?

  • Every period in the history of the Western world is inscribed in the buildings & streets of the city (over 2700 years old)
  • Rome is a modern metropolis with over 2.5 million residents
  • Italy is home to more UNESCO world heritage sites and any other country in the world
  • Access Europe & the Mediterranean by land & air
  • Politics, Art, Business, Religion, Philosophy, Society-you can study it all here.
  • Culture-la dolce vita
  • Food-eat all the pasta & gelato you want--you will walk it off!

What can I study?

Contact Brian Poepsel to see what is available in upcoming semesters!