Students can pursue a wide range of programs, from short-term options to year long. We encourage you to review the different programs currently offered. If you have additional questions about which program might be the best fit for your major or interests, we encourage you to make an appointment with the Bumpers College Study Abroad coordinator, Madison Barnes, or the IPO Director, Vicky Watkins.


Faculty-led Programs

Travel with UA faculty and participate in discipline-specific projects for 2-3 weeks during the summer.



International internships offer students an individualized opportunity to pair a study abroad experience with discipline-specific work experience for UA credit hours.


Exchange Programs

Earn transfer credits through programs in conjunction with universities around the world.

research cuba


You can conduct research tailored to your academic discipline while abroad to deepen your inquiry skillsets and build independence. These projects can often serve as the basis for an Honors or Master’s thesis. We encourage undergraduate students who complete research or creative projects while abroad (or domestically) to consider publishing your findings in the Bumpers College Discovery Journal.

ua rome center

UA Rome Center

Spend a semester at the University of Arkansas Rome Center, located in the heart of the Historic Center. The UA Rome Center offers a broad curriculum exploring the history and culture of the city through coursework, site visits, and excursions.