Student Spotlight

 Emily Keeling  

Emily Keeling

Program: Cooking and Health at La Salle University in Beauvais, France

“I learned new things about myself. My strengths and weaknesses were put under a microscope and I had to learn to ask for help from my peers in areas where they were more knowledgeable than I. I also came to the simple realization that no matter where a person lives, what they eat, or what language they speak, we are all the same people. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity that will change your worldview. Traveling becomes less and less easy as you get older, so take this opportunity now when you have the chance! In a time where all we do is so global, it is imperative to have a broad worldview and know more than just your own culture and country."


Callen Lichtenwalter

Program: Adelante Summer Equine Program

“Neither of the classes I took are offered at the U of A, so they provided a unique opportunity to learn about horses and the equine industry. There were a lot of things I had to do for myself. This improved my independence and my self confidence that I was actually able to do well on my own. To truly understand your field, you need to see it from another perspective. America is large and powerful, but there are so many intelligent people in the world that can offer a unique view of whatever interests you. Studying abroad is also a great way to see the world while also being productive and earning school credits.”

 Taylor Pruitt, sophomore, a Hospitality Innovation and Agricultural Business double major poses in front of Italian homes while studying abroad.

Taylor Pruitt

Program: Cultural Considerations in Design, Artistry and Layout of Hospitality Facilities in Italy

"Not only do I wish to serve those here in the United States, I also want to serve those who travel around the world. An experience like this creates the opportunity for better careers in the future. Knowledge of international hospitality will be useful to have in mind while learning about hospitality in the United States and preparing for a career. This comparison will allow other students like myself to make hospitality operations in the United States more successful."

  Mersady Redding 

Mersady Redding

Program: Community Development in Mozambique

“Service-learning in Mozambique taught me more in three weeks than sitting in a class for an entire semester usually can. Working hands-on and not having a prior planned experiment with a specific anticipated result and conclusion challenged me to overcome obstacles and adapt to changes. During my experience, I realized I should never take a class for the credit or learn for a grade. People in other countries would do anything to go to the University of Arkansas. Mozambique makes me want to learn as much as humanly possible. Money given to people who need it is spent on their temporary needs, and then it is gone. Knowledge, skills, and tools help people help themselves, and by offering that to developing countries in the future, I can make an impact that will last continuously.”


Carlonda Sandidge

Program: AMPD Study Tour

“My experience showed how the information that I learned from my past classes are applied on the job, especially on an international level. Personally, participating in the international program was the greatest experience of my life. I highly suggest that if you have the opportunity to participate in one, then do it, because it will have such a positive effect on you and your future. There is so much to see outside of the United States, so why not take every opportunity that you can to experience it?”

Tess Constant

Tess Constant

Program: Scotland Internship

“While it was a trying first month getting settled in and learning the ropes, overall I feel stronger, more confident and ready to tackle more challenging projects. I also learned you really don’t need as many material things to live life as I once thought. It was quite freeing only living on what I packed in my suitcase. Live simply, I would like to carry that forward. For future students: It will be challenging. It will push you out of your comfort zone. It will make you question your abilities. But, in the end you will find you can do hard things, you can survive – make that thrive – outside your comfort zone and you are far more capable than you first allowed. Just do it. A few months is not a lifetime, yet the skills and confidence gained will endure.”

Laura Ortega

Laura Ortega

Program: Sustainability in the Euro Food System

“I have more knowledge regarding my field of study. As a future scientist of the agriculture industry, I believe the topic of sustainability is a key concept to research in order to move our society in a positive direction and help protect our precious planet. The European insights gained from the lectures of the scientists have enabled me to think more outside the box when dealing with global issues. I am excited to incorporate this new knowledge in my future classes. I have become more independent and open minded. I was a very shy person and this experience has made me become a more outgoing. I have discovered that I love traveling to unknown places and meeting new people who can share with me their different perspectives of life. I feel like a butterfly who just gained her wings and is ready to take on the world.”