Call for Funding Proposals

The IPO offers financial, administrative, and promotional support for Bumpers College faculty developing and leading international programs, including UA Rome Center courses/programs, faculty-led programs, internships, and formal courses. Faculty must submit a proposal for all international programs occurring July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. Faculty writing proposals can request up to $5,000 for one year of exploratory program support or $5,000 for new programs in existence for fewer than three years. All Bumpers College international programs will be reviewed for acceptance to move on to the required Study Abroad Office portal. Programs who fail to be reviewed by the Bumpers College International Programs Committee will be pulled from the university level. All proposals will be considered. However, preference will be given to proposals that address the priorities listed below.

Need help with your proposal?

Please feel free to refer to the recently-approved New Zealand program grant proposal as an example.

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Bumpers College IPO Priorities

  • Program has the capacity to attract interested students.
  • Program is multidisciplinary and will attract students from multiple departments and/or colleges.
  • Educational objectives contribute to the academic unit who is requesting the program and the IPO mission to provide unique academic opportunities and cultural immersion for students.
  • Demonstrate potential for long-term financial sustainability after the funding period ends (maximum financial support is three years) through building and maintaining relationships with international institutions.
  • Leveraged funds or show potential for future leveraged funds from departments, other colleges, private companies, or international institutions.

Submission Guidelines

Proposals are limited to a maximum of five pages, not including the budget form, signature pages, or the program's course syllabus. Proposal requests should include the following section headings:

  • Project Title
  • Bumpers College Faculty Leaders
    • Outline the PIs and/or Co-PIs expertise areas and experiences that will support the proposed program.
  • International Partners
    • Identify all collaborators: names, titles, and institutions.
  • Project Objectives
    • Include relevant program objectives as well as measurable student learning objectives that support or enhance the IPO mission.
    • Be sure to include a course syllabus with program objectives, measurable student learning outcomes, student contact hours, and program itinerary for faculty-led program requests. Please see the Call for Proposals for a syllabus template.
  • Activities
    • Include all activities planned for the proposed program (July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020) that will ensure the program's student learning outcomes objectives are met.
  • Significance of Program
    • Explain program impact on student learning and potential for sustainability, multidisciplinary aspects, and how planned activities will attract students across departments and colleges.
    • Will build and/or maintain international educational collaboration(s)
    • Multidisciplinary program with other departments and UA College collaborators and strong potential to attract students from multiple disciplines
  • Leveraged Funding
    • If any, including department, Honors College, Graduate School support or support from international institutions.
  • Current and Pending Related Extramural Funding
    • If any, including grant source, award date, grant amounts, and participating institutions.
  • Potential Student Numbers
    • Proposal narrative should describe potential student numbers and identify how program leaders will target students to participate.
  • Proposed Budget
    • Submit a detailed budget narrative in the proposal. The budget should be comprehensive for faculty and students, but your IPO funding request should be to support faculty only.
    • Programs can receive up to $5,000 for each year of (eligible) funding requested. Year one for exploratory travel to set-up a program and year two and three of program support. Proposals that receive exploratory funding and apply for additional funding will receive expedited review based on the final report from year one.Programs are eligible for funding as follows: Year 0, exploratory; Year 1, program active; Year 2, program active. A program may not request funding for more than the first 2 years of the program being active.
    • Use the budget sheet to estimate how funds will be used. Please submit a detailed budget narrative in the proposal. A proposal narrative should also describe potential student numbers. The budget should be comprehensive
  • Enclose required signature page.
  • Enclose a tentative, complete course syllabus with itinerary.

Return Report Requirement
Faculty must complete a return report for awarded proposals following the guidelines outlined on the IPO website. The report must be completed no more than four weeks after the conclusion of the funded international experience. Failure to provide a return report will result in no additional funding towards that program for two years.

Proposals must be submitted no later March 1, 2020. Please email a PDF format of the complete grant proposal packet to the International Programs Office at Proposals will be evaluated by the International Programs Committee and programs will be notified prior to April 1st. Do not submit your proposal to the UA Study Abroad Office (STAB) until you have received approval from the IPO. If proposals submitted to STAB vary from those submitted to the IPO, the International Program Director reserves the right to pull faculty-led program proposals from the UA system.